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Classic Manual Screen

• Ideal brightness video effect due to high gain quality matte white material
• Steel casing with advanced technology roller mechanism
• Heavy duty roller and spring
• Freedom to pull. stop at any position
• Reliable locking system ensure smooth presentation
• Easy to assemble, suitable for both wall and ceiling mounted
• With auto-fixed function, can stop at any position
• Black border to gain best video images

Deluxe Electric Screen

• Excellent color presentation
• Displaying high resolution of the screen
• Free of hot spot by treating the surface with new techniques
• Free of curling as it is made of new fabric material with new manufacturing techniques
• Advanced tubular motor driving devices features smooth and silent operation
• Black border to gain best video images
• Elegant metal housing design ensure distinctive quality
• Screens size limit control switch to meet your requirement
• Inclusive of manual and wireless remote control

Portable Floor Screen

• Most new and flexible portable screen
• Special matter white fabric materials
• Super light weight, easy to carry
• Stylist carrying case for storage & transport
• Modern aluminium case housing
• Easy to set up
• Black border to gain best video image
• Travelers’ mobility screen for easy and simple image presentation

Pro White

• Magnetic whiteboard writing surface
• Includes retractable projection screen & mobile stand
• Dual purpose product to optimise space without any installation fees
• Projection screen made of tearproof, flame retardant fibreglass matt which offers sharp images
• Lockable castor for easy mobility and stability

Tripod Screen

• Solid durable tripod stand
• Modern design steel casing
• Heavy duty and “big”steel tripod legs
• Height adjustable tripod stand
• Smooth viewing surface matte white material
• Easy to assemble
• Black border to gain best video images